Wednesday, May 20, 2015

9 to 5

Yesterday was my first day at sort of a summer internship. It's pretty informal and very unpaid, but I will be learning from and helping out the director of UCLA's Infant Development Program (IDP) in the psychology department. I was able to get this opportunity through my mom, who supervisors her. IDP has two mixed age classes in two different buildings with a total of 25 different children ages 3 months to 3 years.
First, I followed along on a prospective parent tour. I found it very interesting to see the similarities and differences with the three other preschool centers on university campuses that I have seen.
When we got back, I did a lot of shadowing and some filing.  I was also shown the mailroom and various offices before leaving for my hour and a half lunch break. During my break I just grabbed a salad and fruit from Ackerman and sat outside as I ate and caught up on social media.
My main tasks after lunch were to edit a parent consent letter, create an invitation for the student interns end of the year party as well as make certificates for them. For the invitation, I googled invitation makers and came across this Greetings Island website. For the certificates I downloaded the free version of Publisher Lite to my Mac. I think they both are a step up from the one's used last year.

I've already gotten a great look at what is involved in running the center, such as the process of hiring new teachers and filling open spots, but I can't wait to go back next week to see what else is involved.
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  1. Let me know if you ever want to shadow a school psychologist so you could get a taste of what working with children in public education looks like. I think I know one who would love to have you tag along!