Monday, March 16, 2015

Spring Break 2015

Today is my first day back to class since spring break. I arrived back at my dorm after twelve hours of traveling yesterday afternoon.

During my break, I enjoyed soaking up the sun in So Cal. Initially, I thought I would be so bored since none of my friends had the same break as me, but boy was I wrong. The week went by so fast that I didn't even have enough time to catch up on my TV shows. Today I will be recapping my break starting on Sunday since I arrived home late Saturday night.

{Sunday} On my first full day home, practically all of my extended family on both sides came over in support of my grandfather's passing just a week before. I definitely enjoyed seeing everyone! I ate so much food, including too many desserts to count, played some ping pong, and entertained the little kids for a while. By my grandfather's request, we did not have a funeral, memorial, or celebration of life for him, so it was basically just a gathering, which I didn't mind.

{Monday} My Monday started off with a quick follow up appointment at the doctor's office,  and by quick I mean she saw me for five minutes, but I waited for forty-five. I then couldn't help but head over to Jamba Juice for a cup of Pomegranate Paradise. Later that day I ran on a trail behind my neighborhood to my brother's baseball game at the high school. It was a lot hillier than my normal treadmill runs, but I was determined to work some of the dessert off from the day before. The picture above was my view. Once I made it to the high school, it felt kind of weird being back. Everyone seemed so young. Haha! After the game, my mom and I headed to California Pizza Kitchen a.k.a. CPK in Encino to meet one of her old colleagues, who is now the director of the child care center at LMU to discuss that field. I definitely felt like I learned a lot.

{Tuesday} On this day I drove down to my cousin's high school to see her play in her softball game. Their team needed players, so she stepped in as the starting first baseman having only one year of t-ball experience, if you can even call that experience. Even though the team lost I loved seeing her play! We then went to one of the kids from her church's t-ball game, and let me say they were so adorable! I don't even know if I've seen anything cuter. We then headed to Chipotle and Yogurtland for dinner and dessert. I drove back home after about an hour at their house.

{Wednesday} This day was long. I started my day off by picking up my friend at UCLA and then driving us to Santa Monica to have lunch at Tendergreens. I am obsessed with this little eatery. It is amazing! I opted for the daily special of tuna crunch cakes with an arugula and asparagus side salad. If you have never been you must go ASAP or you'll be missing out. We shopped for a little bit along Third Street Promenade and then I drove her back just to turn around and drive to LMU. My mom's colleague that we met for dinner on Monday night invited me to tour the preschool on campus and sit in her back to back classes where she was having guest speakers from 5:00 to 10:30. Luckily we ended early so I had time to have In N Out at my aunt's apartment before driving home.

{Thursday} On this day I went shopping with my grandmother at the mall to find some business clothes for a couple events I have coming up. I was so happy to find a black long sleeve dress on sale in the B.P. department of Nordstrom and a great black blazer as well as a pencil skirt at ANGL. Of course we also had to take a break and have a yummy lunch at Stone Oven. Once we got back I offered to pick up my brother from baseball practice and ended up waiting in the car for just under an hour before touring to a nice senior living facility for my grandmother.

{Friday} I was so excited to have lunch at the California Chicken Café with my friend who came home early before her spring break officially started the week after mine. She left Thursday night since she did not have any classes on Friday . It was so nice to see her since I didn't think I would. Later that afternoon I went to another one of my brother's baseball games. It was great to see him get an at bat this game and score their only run!

{Saturday} I arranged an interview with the senior catering director at the Four Seasons for a career report I have to do for my recreation, parks, and tourism class. I found learning about her job so interesting, and of course I was soaking up my time at the hotel. She showed me this gorgeous ballroom they have with these windowed french doors all around overlooking a waterfall. I am so appreciative that she took the time out of her Saturday to answer my questions. After, I had to go home do a little homework and pack. One of my friends had just arrived home for her spring break, also the week after mine, so she came over to hang it out for a little while. Then, I headed over to my grandmother's for dinner before heading over to the airport for my 11:15 flight, which ended up being rescheduled earlier. This meant I got reassigned a middle seat for my red eye when I originally had a window seat.

Anyways, I enjoyed my time at home. In just two months I'll be back for the summer. Hopefully I'll get a home cooked meal since I did not get any over break. Have a great spring break if you haven't already!

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  1. You just had to put in the dig about the home cooked meal, didn't you?! :) I'm sure you will have many this summer.

  2. No home cooked meals…ha ha ha. Makes me laugh. Loved getting to see you!!!!