Friday, February 13, 2015

The Preschool Diaries {Part 1}

A few weeks ago I started going into one of the preschools on campus two days a week for 2.5 hours as part of the curriculum for one of my human development and family studies classes. I go in the morning one day and in the afternoon on the other day. I always go to the same classroom, which only has eight children ages 8 months to just under 3 years. There is a neighboring classroom with another eight kids, however, and they come over to play pretty often too. It's amazing how quick the kids warm up to new people.

The kids go outside every day that the weather is above 25 degrees. It hasn't been that "warm" lately at all since I've started going to the preschool, but last week the temperature was up, so the teachers decided to take the kids on a walk. I had to help get them all bundled up in their hats, snow pants, jackets, mittens, and boots. This was all a process in itself. The rule on the walk is that the kids must hold a teacher's hand at all times unless of course they are being pushed int he stroller. I had a little girl in one hand and a little boy in the other. The little boy kept stopping to stomp on the snow on the sides of the pathway and the little girl kept dropping to her knees because she didn't want to walk anymore. I had to pick her up with one arm while holding the little boys hand with my other arm. Nontheless, I really enjoyed our slow stroll shall I say since we had to keep pace with the kids' short legs.

Then, this week I had to do a lesson plan in the classroom. I literally had no idea what what to do that would be age appropriate, but my mentor teacher suggested I read a book to them. So, my task then was just to figure out what book to read being as I do not have any children's book with me here at school. I noticed the children are learning about colors and each week they focus on a different color. This week was green week so I found the perfect book about the color green for them. On Fridays, everyone, including the teachers, dresses up in the color of the week. They do activities such as walking around the preschool and taking pictures of green objects that they see. They even had guacamole as a snack since it is green.

Anyways, back to my lesson plan. I figured I should probably walk downtown and get a library card at the community library to find a book about the color green. I figured the library on campus would not have many if any children's books at all. To my relief, all the kids were into the book I found and even wanted me to read it again! And, later, one of the teachers asked me to read it to the neighboring classroom too, so I'd say my lesson plan a success!

I have two more weeks before I switch to a new classroom with kids ages 3-5. I can't wait to see what else is going to unfold before then. Be sure to check back later to read about it in part 2 of The Preschool Diaries!


  1. It's so cute that you have to dress them all up to go outside. Good idea on the book!

  2. This would basically be my dream class. Once in a while at my Elementary School they have a day where adults go into the classes to read and I LOVE doing that. Also brings back memories of when Sarah and Becca were in elementary school and I got to work in the library and read to their classes. Can't wait to hear about the next class.