Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Mixing It Up {Mission 1}


I started working in November, but I realize I have not blogged much about it. For those of you who don't know or remember, I work on campus at The Mix. The Mix is a mini grocery store as well as a place to order food. So, I am going to start blogging more about the specific tasks, or missions if you will, on the job since there are so many. I apologize in advance for the lack of pictures. It is hard to show you all what it's like since we are not allowed to have our phones out while clocked in to take pictures.
One of the places they tend to start new people at is the station called Hoagie 1. Customers order their food at a kiosk, so all the sandwich orders pops up on a screen behind the counter at Hoagie 1. Basically, all we have to do at this station is look at the orders and put the correct cheeses and meats on the right bread of the sandwiches or wraps before sending it to the next station. It is only a bit of a challenge at first to pick out the bread, meat, and cheese on the order amongst all the veggies and sauces.
The first step is to pull out the correct bread and cut it if necessary. We have ciabatta rolls, white rolls, and wheat rolls as well as plain, wheat, blueberry, chocolate chip, onion, cinnamon raisin, and everything bagels in addition to the plain, wheat, spinach, tomato, and garlic & herb wraps.
The next step is to put on the cheese. We offer American, Swiss, Pepper Jack, and Provolone.
Once the cheese is placed on the bread, we put the meat on next. Customers can choose one or a combination of ham, turkey, tuna, chicken salad, pepperoni, salami,  roast beef, chipotle turkey, Italian cold cuts, chicken tenders, grilled chicken breast, and bacon for the meat of their sub.
The final step is to look at the order to see if it either needs to be sent at the start of the sub through the toaster on a metal disc or walk it to the next station before clearing it off the screen.
Most of the meats and cheeses are located in an open cooler behind a cutting board counter with the exception of the pepperoni and chicken salad in a fridge below, the chicken tenders located next to the firer, and the grilled chicken breast next to the grill. The breads are located right to the left of the cutting board.
It only gets slightly complicated when someone orders more than one sandwich because it is easy to clear the order after making the first sandwich since the second one pops up on a second line. There is  also a clock at the bottom of the screen with the average prep time, so I like to keep challenging myself to lower the time.
Did I mention that each specific cheese and meat has a specific number of slices you are supposed to put on? Luckily, it says on the cooler, but after a few shifts it gets pretty much memorized. In addition, we're supposed to make it not look like a hot mess, so we have to carefully position and fold everything.
This station can get a bit boring during the times when no one is ordering at odd hours.
What bread/cheese/meat combo sounds good to you? There are so many possibilities! I am a fan of the chipotle turkey on an everything bagel with no cheese.
I will be posting about various other missions that Mix employees must complete soon! Hopefully my work posts don't bore you too bad.
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