Monday, February 16, 2015

Bumper Less Bowling

Friday night the FastStart mentor program I am in had an event at the bowling alley nearby. I was kind of nervous to go because I had to take the bus, which I have never really used. I figure I would fight through it though for the free cake and pizza. To my relief, I didn't have to take the bus though. I was able to get a ride with the girl who I was going with because her parents drove up from Maryland to surprise her for the weekend.

I knew going into the event, that I am far from a great bowler even though I am a pro on the Wii. Last year when I went for a friend's birthday, it was my first time playing without bumpers, and let's just say I need some more practice. But, to my surprise I won! I came in second the first game and first the second game, but I had the highest total of both games! Try not to laugh too hard when I tell you my score. I got a score of exactly 67 for both games making my total 134. I definitely had my fair share of gutter balls. Like I said, I need some work, but at least I was better than my fellow competitors! (And that's all that matters right?) ;) I definitely credit my victory to my impeccable form. I chose the two handed granny roll since I can't seem to control the spin with just one of my weak arms.

Would you beat me at the bowling alley?