Friday, January 30, 2015

Order Up!


With all the recent snow, sometimes I find it nice just to stay snuggled up in my dorm room. So, this past weekend I had food delivered to my room for dinner for the first time. I had heard some of my fellow students ordering delivery from an app on their iPhones, and I thought that it sounded like a good idea for the night. So, I did not hesitate to download the app called Order up. It rounds up all the menus of the restaurants in town that deliver from pizza to wings to Mexican to Chinese cuisines. I picked The Pita Pit, which I had never had before, but sounded delicious! So I just clicked in my custom order, entered my student ID number to pay with my money previously added to my ID, and waited for a phone call from the delivery guy to say that it was ready for me downstairs in my building. It was just too easy and convenient and perfect for lazy college students. So, needless to say I will most likely be utilizing the app again soon when I don't feel like walking out in the cold to get some food.
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