Monday, January 19, 2015

Hockey Valley

On Saturday I went to the hockey game versus Michigan State. I actually have season tickets but this is the first time I have actually put them to good use rather than just selling them. You see I bought them with my first roommate, but we are no longer rooming together, which means I do not see her as much. I went to my first hockey game ever when may parents came up for family weekend in October so I didn't sit in the student section. I haven't been to another game since then partly because the lions didn't have any home games during the entire months of November and December, so I knew I needed to make it to at least one in January. I jumped on the opportunity when one of my friends whom I met rushing agreed to come with me. You may remember her from this post about the soccer game we went to together. We plan to go cheer on as many different Penn State athletics teams as we can. So far we've only made it to three, but we do have future plans to make it to more.

When we walked in the arena, we were handed a gray pom and a free t-shirt! I guess it was some special day because the lions were wearing gray jerseys. I was super pumped about the t-shirt! I can't wait to add another shirt in the rotation of my gym clothes.

Anyways, in the student section we stood up the entire game and cheered on the lions to their 5-3 victory! I'm always amazed how many times the players all get thrown around so much. We would also get excited when a fight broke out or when one of their players had to go sit in the penalty box. At one point during the game, hockey pucks were being thrown out into the crowd after the team scored one of their goals. I caught one to keep as a souvenir to commentate my first full hockey game.

Hopefully I will be able to make it to more games this year! I am planning to go next weekend with my roommate. Hope you're having a good three day weekend!

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