Friday, January 30, 2015

Order Up!


With all the recent snow, sometimes I find it nice just to stay snuggled up in my dorm room. So, this past weekend I had food delivered to my room for dinner for the first time. I had heard some of my fellow students ordering delivery from an app on their iPhones, and I thought that it sounded like a good idea for the night. So, I did not hesitate to download the app called Order up. It rounds up all the menus of the restaurants in town that deliver from pizza to wings to Mexican to Chinese cuisines. I picked The Pita Pit, which I had never had before, but sounded delicious! So I just clicked in my custom order, entered my student ID number to pay with my money previously added to my ID, and waited for a phone call from the delivery guy to say that it was ready for me downstairs in my building. It was just too easy and convenient and perfect for lazy college students. So, needless to say I will most likely be utilizing the app again soon when I don't feel like walking out in the cold to get some food.
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Monday, January 26, 2015

Walking in a Winter Wonderland

This past week, campus has been covered with snow, and I've been loving every second of it! Believe it or not, one of the reasons I was excited to go to Penn State was to experience the seasons and that in fact included the white winters. I think if it's going to be cold, there should be snow. It just makes campus so much prettier. I also get excited because it means that it is finally socially acceptable for me to wear my new Hunter rain boots. They are my only waterproof shoes so they tend to be the only footwear I  walk around in when there is snow on the ground. The first time it started snowing this week I was sitting in the dining hall eating brunch across from giant windows. I was just mesmerized watching all the snowflakes fall. So, today, for those of you back in the warm California weather, I have included some pictures of my walk to and from class the other day with the snow in full effect. Enjoy!

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Friday, January 23, 2015

Course Shopping

Today was the last day to add and drop classes for the semester, so my schedule is officially set in stone. I seem to always shop around for classes. I may or may not have a problem. I don't know if I'm just really indecisive, get cold feet, or am just always looking for something better. I guess you could say that this is very telling of why I am an undecided major.

Last semester I dropped four classes and added four. This semester I dropped four and added three. I drop classes for all sorts of reasons. Some have included that they end too late, create an awkward break where I don't have time to go to my dorm in between classes but it's too long to go straight to class, seem like too much work, seem boring, and even because I would have had to have to wear a suit every day. Nevertheless, I am happy with my schedule now. My classes have much better times than they originally did so I guess you could say that after all of my switching around, everything worked out for the better.

And the winners are...

  1. Elementary Statistics
  2. Introductory Microeconomic Analysis and Policy
  3. Effective Speech
  4. Introduction to Recreation Services
  5. Observation or Experience with Children, Youth, and Families
  6. First-Year Seminar Health and Human Development

Would you be excited or dread these classes?

Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Winter Break Week 2 {Ringing in the New Year}

Last week I recapped week 1 of my glorious winter break, so today it's time to recap week 2!
(Sunday) We went to a holiday party at a family friends' house enjoying some good food, including latkes a.k.a. potato pancakes with applesauce, which I rarely get the chance of eating, and playing lots of Trivia Crack. It was good to see some of my softball friends. After we went home I then went across the street to my friends to watch The Interview found online and streamed onto her TV. I found it to be hilarious and better than expected.
(Monday) I got my exercise on for the first time over break on a hike in Malibu with my friend. It started off in a neighborhood with ocean views and then went inland towards a waterfall that you could climb up using a rope. We then went to Malibu Seafood. It was the first time I had been there and I was so impressed. The fish and chips were amazing and that's coming from someone who would never choose to eat fish and chips anywhere. Next, we went to Malibu Yogurt where I opted for tart with strawberries before heading to yoga. It was also my first time going to yoga. I had been wanting to go try it for a while, but I would say it's not really my cup of tea.

{Tuesday} This day my grandmother took my cousin and I shopping at The Third Street Promenade in Santa Monica. I only found three pieces, a top, scarf, and pajama shorts, from Nordstrom, but my cousin had tons more luck than I. We ate lunch at Tender Greens, which I loved! I am dying to go back there!
{Wednesday} On the last day of 2014, I met up with some of my friends to go to The Grove once again for dinner at The Cheesecake Factory. It wouldn't have been my first choice since I had just been there but I had a nice time nonetheless. After dinner, we drove back to her house and played Cards Against Humanity, a dirty version of Apples to Apples, before cheers-ing with our sparkling cider to the ball dropping on Times Square. 
{Thursday} My day started off catching glimpses of some of the floats in the Rose Parade. Later, my dad's high school friend came over to watch the two Rose Bowl games. 
{Friday} I cannot remember what I did during the day this day for the life of me. Maybe I didn't do anything? But, at night I watched Neighbors. Let's just say I would probably not watch it again. Then, we made s'mores in our fireplace with Reese's.

{Saturday} My mom and I headed to the mall this day to exchange some of our Christmas gifts.
Week 3 will be up soon! It will have a lot more pictures! Hope everyone's winter break went well and has a good start to 2015!
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Monday, January 19, 2015

Hockey Valley

On Saturday I went to the hockey game versus Michigan State. I actually have season tickets but this is the first time I have actually put them to good use rather than just selling them. You see I bought them with my first roommate, but we are no longer rooming together, which means I do not see her as much. I went to my first hockey game ever when may parents came up for family weekend in October so I didn't sit in the student section. I haven't been to another game since then partly because the lions didn't have any home games during the entire months of November and December, so I knew I needed to make it to at least one in January. I jumped on the opportunity when one of my friends whom I met rushing agreed to come with me. You may remember her from this post about the soccer game we went to together. We plan to go cheer on as many different Penn State athletics teams as we can. So far we've only made it to three, but we do have future plans to make it to more.

When we walked in the arena, we were handed a gray pom and a free t-shirt! I guess it was some special day because the lions were wearing gray jerseys. I was super pumped about the t-shirt! I can't wait to add another shirt in the rotation of my gym clothes.

Anyways, in the student section we stood up the entire game and cheered on the lions to their 5-3 victory! I'm always amazed how many times the players all get thrown around so much. We would also get excited when a fight broke out or when one of their players had to go sit in the penalty box. At one point during the game, hockey pucks were being thrown out into the crowd after the team scored one of their goals. I caught one to keep as a souvenir to commentate my first full hockey game.

Hopefully I will be able to make it to more games this year! I am planning to go next weekend with my roommate. Hope you're having a good three day weekend!

Friday, January 16, 2015

Preschool Tours

This semester I am taking a human development and family studies class where I will be spending five hours a week at one of the two preschools on campus. I am super excited for this to start! For this week's assignment,  we had to tour each of the preschools to give our preferences for which one we want to be placed at.
Each of the two preschools has such a different feel. The Bennet Family Center is the older one located on the south east side of campus close to my dorm. I always see these kids walking around on campus. Hort Woods is the newer one located on the Northwest side of campus close to my classes. It has an environmentally friendly design that the program coordinators were able to have input in designing. It has a much larger outdoor space. There are classrooms of children up to two years old and other classrooms of children from three to five years old in both centers. Generally, one of the younger classes and one of the older classes are paired together. Each location has their own chef serving breakfast, lunch, and a snack to the kids.
I loved seeing the preschools and comparing it to the one I went to on UCLA's campus. I already notice many similarities and differences. I find kind of funny that I will be focusing in and observing one child while a UCLA student did the same to me when I was young little toddler. I got a kick out of reading the observations when I came across the papers a few years ago. Fingers crossed I get my first pick at Hort Woods. But, whichever preschool I end up at I am so excited to spend time there with the kids. I will update you when I get my assignment.
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Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Winter Break Week 1 {Getting Into the Holiday Spirit}

I am now back into the full swing of things back here at school with homework being assigned now. The times of having no work to worry about are long gone. That being said, if you haven't noticed I took a break from blogging during my winter break. It was nice to just relax without the obligation of having to do anything, something I have not had the chance of experiencing since before high school since winter break fell during the middle of the semester. I will be recapping each week of my break in upcoming posts to document all the fun I have had to look back on in the future.
I said goodbye to State College around 6:00 P.M. on Friday after my last final. I frantically packed my two suitcases after work leaving my dorm room looking like a tornado had just hit. I had a quick layover in Chicago where I ate a bagel sandwich I had brought from campus with the last of my meal points. I am not kidding when I say I had less than a dollar left when I went on my way. The last week or so I had to carefully ration out my food so I would not starve to death. I arrived in L.A. around eleven, but didn't get home until after midnight, being about three A.M. east coast time, after my dad had me wait outside for him for a while since he wouldn't leave to come get me until after I had gotten both of my suitcases from the baggage claim.
{Saturday} I was able just to relax and enjoy the comfort of home. I was planning on decorating our Christmas tree this day, but my dad didn't seem to notice since he didn't pick up the tree until that afternoon meaning he wouldn't bring it inside our house until the next day after he washed and let it dry outside in our backyard. He also nixed my desire to go and chop down our own tree to bring home and instead went to Home Depot. Boring! So, I basically spent the entire day wrapping presents and catching up on my loads of shows being a whole semester behind. My mom had not wrapped a single present, so I went to town picking out the right paper, bow, and gift tag for each gift. I enjoy wrapping up everything each and every year.
{Sunday} My mom and I had a mother daughter night with our neighbors enjoying dinner at The Lakes and The Nutcracker at the Civics Arts Plaza. I am slightly embarrassed to say I ate every single slice of my favorite Hawaiian barbecue pizza with whole wheat crust. I was able to enjoy the show with my hunger satisfied though. I really enjoyed the show. I had not remembered it since the last time I saw it was on a school field trip in the first grade. Man those guys can dance. I loved seeing all the colorful ballet outfits. It was a great way to get into the holiday spirit!
{Monday} In the morning I decorated a gingerbread house with my brother. Lucky for us it came pre-assembled! I'd say it may have turned out to be the best one we have ever made! Later that night I drove to The Grove with my friend for dinner. We ate at an Italian restaurant and then split a banana and a chocolate peppermint Sprinkles cupcake. We shopped around a little and admired all the holiday decorations, including the extremely tall tree. When I got home we finally decorated the tree just days before Christmas. I always seem to be the last one standing putting up all the ornaments.
{Tuesday} On this day we met my cousins, aunt, and grandmother for lunch at a Mexican restaurant before getting our massages or facials. We got our own private relation room to enjoy before and after our treatments. I wish those fifty five minutes hadn't gone by so fast. It was such a nice treat after a stressful semester.
{Wednesday} For Christmas Eve, we celebrated with my mom's family at my aunt's new apartment. It was great seeing all her new furniture. I was disappointed that she didn't have a tree. I mean how can you celebrate Christmas Eve without a tree to put the presents under? We ordered Japanese take out and baked dessert. I made red velvet brownies that turned out to be just god awful. They basically just tasted like dense bread. Yuck! Luckily my aunt had made red velvet cupcakes too.
{Thursday} Finally it was Christmas, my favorite day of the year! Santa dropped off a new iPhone for me and a desk for my brother. We opened a few more presents after that before having orange cinnamon rolls and getting ready for company. I prepared a few appetizers including a cranberry pecan candy cane cheeseball, pita trees, and grinch fruit kabobs. My mom also made cranberry crockpot meatballs and pigs in a blanket. The appetizers on Christmas are always muy importante to me because they act as my lunch. When the family arrived we opened gifts and enjoyed our turkey dinner with cranberry sauce, baked fruit, mac and cheese, vegetables, salad, dili bread, and stuffing. For dessert we had white chocolate cherry cookies, pumpkin pie, and red velvet cupcakes. I was sad to see the night end so soon.
{Friday} The day after Christmas we went down to see my mom's extended family at a buffet. This is the only time of year we ever really see them and there are tons of them since my grandfather has five sisters with their own families. We caught up and exchanged gifts before waving good bye until next year.
{Saturday} Penn State played in the Pinstripe Bowl at Yankee stadium agains Boston College. We packed the house! I was nervous because they had been forecasted to lose, but they proved them wrong and won in overtime!! It was so nerve-wracking to say the least. I was so happy for the seniors who had stayed with the program through the scandal and had not been bowl eligible during their entire college football careers until a few months earlier when the bans had been lifted. So glad the team was able to pull it off and end the season on a great note to move into an even better season next year! I can't wait! After the game, I also completed a 500 piece puzzle that I got for Christmas and watched That Awkward Moment with Zac Efron, which I enjoyed and found hilarious!
So, there you have it. My first week of winter break was a good one. I wish I would have had the week off before too to take part in more Christmas activities. Stay tuned for weeks two and three!
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Monday, January 12, 2015

Best Dressed {Golden Globes 2015}

I know. I know. It has been a while to say the least. I've made it through my first semester in college! How crazy! I can proudly say I have survived finals week. I was so busy those weeks between Thanksgiving and Christmas and then over break I just wanted to relax with no work to worry about! Eventually I do want to catch up on the blogging I have missed, but we'll see how semester two treats me. Today is the first day of the spring semester, so I flew in on a red eye yesterday morning. I hope the second semester goes as well as the first. Today I just have time for a quick post to check in and discus the Golden Globes fashion last night.
Award season has begun! Unfortunately, I was not able to watch since I do not have a TV in my dorm room. It's fine because I never know any of the movies anyway. But, I do find it fun to choose the best looks of the night. So, this year my picks for the best dressed celebrities not the red carpet are the following:
Best Dressed Couple: John Legend and Chrissy Teigen

Best Dressed Female: Jennifer Lopez

Best Dressed Male: Matt Bomer

I can't wait to see looks for the upcoming awards shows. Did you watch last night? Who were your picks? Were you surprised by any of the winners? Did you feel any of the nominations should have won instead? What award show are you dying to watch?
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