Friday, November 14, 2014

Etiquette Dinner

Last night, I attended a free four course etiquette dinner with my FastStart mentor program at the Nittany Lion Inn on campus. I had been looking forward to the dinner since I learned about it. For some reason, I enjoy learning about etiquette and we learned lots! So much that I probably don't even remember it all. We learned things like what all the different utensils are for, that technically the napkin should be open rather than folded on your lap, how you are supposed to scoop soup away from you, how you are supposed to butter one piece of broken off bread at a time, and how if you eat something with seeds or pits or bones that are not meant to be swallowed, you are supposed to take them out of your mouth with your fork. However, above everything else, it was emphasized that etiquette is meant to make everyone else feel comfortable rather than following a set of rules.
And now for the food! There was cheese and crackers along with a little fruit as a little appetizer on a table off to the side before hand. The first course was broccoli cheese soup. The second was a green salad, and the third was delicious chicken with rice and the largest chunk of broccoli I had ever seen. And, lastly we were served a mousse with strawberries on the bottom for dessert. I loved every second of it! So, now I have to know is there any piece of etiquette you know that others should be aware of?
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  1. Will you be giving lessons once you get home? If so, sign me up.