Monday, November 10, 2014

Undercover Dorm Spies

Yesterday after dinner, my friend and I decided to go around to the different dorms on campus to see what the insides looked like. The only problem is that you need to swipe an ID card to get in, but ours  only let us into our own buildings. So, we kind of had to follow someone in or sit and wait until someone came that we could follow in. It was amazing how different all the buildings are. I thought my building wasn't too bad, but after looking at these, it makes mine seem like a dump.
The one across the street from me looks like a hotel on the inside, and there are some many rooms that I don't know if I'd be able to get to my room every day without getting lost if I lived there.
We also went to a newly renovated one. It was amazing! Hopefully I'll be able to live there next year. I would hang out in the lounge all day.

And, the last one we went to was where they house the honors college students. My friend and I decided that we need to go around to see all of the buildings now.

The tricky thing was seeing the insides of the rooms. We had to walk all over and onto multiple floors to find some open doors to peek into. I loved it even though I probably should have been doing my homework.
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