Friday, November 7, 2014

My First College Soccer Game

On Wednesday night, I went to my first college soccer game at Jeffrey field to see the men play Akron, which is located in Ohio. It was actually their last regular season game. I had wanted to go to another one before, but it was hard finding someone to go with. Finally, I was able to get my friend, who I met rushing, to go with me.
Thank goodness they were able to pull off the win with the score of one to zero. It was zero to zero until the last few minutes when they finally got one in. The whole first half was played on our attacking side of the field, but it was nerve-wracking because Akron had many shots on goal in the second half. I feel like they should have had an easier time beating them since they were the Big Ten champs the past two years. Apparently, they haven't been doing as well lately because the captain got injured, but this was his first game back. They will be in the playoffs though. They are ranked as the 21st best team in the nation behind UCLA in 1st place.
I hear the women's games are much more exciting in terms of a student section, so I am hoping to see one of their playoff games soon. They won the Big Ten conference this year, so they should be pretty good. They are ranked as the fourth best team in the nation behind UCLA in 1st place again. I think it'd be super cool if they played each other in the championship.
Watching the game made me miss playing myself. I'm so glad I finally got to see a game even though I was pretty cold. And, on a side note, I saw snow fall for the first time ever today! I'm definitely hoping it doesn't start sticking to the ground for a while since I don't even have a snow jacket yet. Have a fantastic weekend!
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