Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Checking One Item off of the Bucket List

Yesterday was election day, and this year was the first year I was of the age to vote! Before turning eighteen I was not sure if I even wanted to vote. I thought well if I do not really know what I am voting for why would I take the time and effort to make uninformed decisions? Well that changed after taking government in my final semester of high school and women's studies in my first semester of college. These two classes really opened my eyes to my political beliefs.

Earlier in the semester, a representative came at the beginning of my class to hand out voter change of  address forms. Since I filled it out, I was able to vote in Pennsylvania. So, I went to the HUB to make my voice heard. There were only five things to vote on, but I felt accomplished after I fed my ballot through the machine. I can now say that I will be heading to the polls every November 4th from now on. Did you exercise your right to vote yesterday?
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  1. Glad you got to experience this!

  2. I'm glad, too, Leah. I also took a women's studies class in college. Will you be home for Thanksgiving?