Monday, November 17, 2014

2000 Degrees

On Saturday night after we were on a high from our much needed win, I went with my friend and one of her roommates to place on College Avenue called 2000 Degrees. It is one of those places where you paint pottery.

I was thrilled that they had holiday stuff out. That being said I opted to paint a gingerbread man plate. And let me tell ya. It was super difficult to pick out colors. Not gonna lie. It took me forever. But, once I made my final decisions, it was super therapeutic to sit there and just paint away. I think it could be a good stress reliever with finals coming up. I hope to make it back soon to paint something else! Have you ever painted pottery at a place similiar?

Friday, November 14, 2014

Etiquette Dinner

Last night, I attended a free four course etiquette dinner with my FastStart mentor program at the Nittany Lion Inn on campus. I had been looking forward to the dinner since I learned about it. For some reason, I enjoy learning about etiquette and we learned lots! So much that I probably don't even remember it all. We learned things like what all the different utensils are for, that technically the napkin should be open rather than folded on your lap, how you are supposed to scoop soup away from you, how you are supposed to butter one piece of broken off bread at a time, and how if you eat something with seeds or pits or bones that are not meant to be swallowed, you are supposed to take them out of your mouth with your fork. However, above everything else, it was emphasized that etiquette is meant to make everyone else feel comfortable rather than following a set of rules.
And now for the food! There was cheese and crackers along with a little fruit as a little appetizer on a table off to the side before hand. The first course was broccoli cheese soup. The second was a green salad, and the third was delicious chicken with rice and the largest chunk of broccoli I had ever seen. And, lastly we were served a mousse with strawberries on the bottom for dessert. I loved every second of it! So, now I have to know is there any piece of etiquette you know that others should be aware of?
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Wednesday, November 12, 2014

My First EPO Event

Yesterday, I had my first event for the event planning organization I am in. So far they have three events scheduled throughout the year, although I know they are looking for more. If we wanted, we could apply to two events and then got assigned to one. I'm pretty sure I got the one that I didn't apply to, but I'm just glad to be involved. They give upperclassmen lots of priority. This week and last week Penn State is having Global Entrepreneurship Week (GEW), which is a whole series of events mostly involving different speakers. EPO got seven events, and we each had to sign up for two. Basically, we had to hang up signs and balloons, count attendance, hand out flyers, stamp students' GEW passports, and alert social media. I wouldn't really say it was planning an event, but I hear EPO might be in charge of it all next year. My second event is next week and I have several other duties to fill this week.I enjoyed it, and I know it will put me in a better position next year or even next semester to get some of the better events.
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Monday, November 10, 2014

Undercover Dorm Spies

Yesterday after dinner, my friend and I decided to go around to the different dorms on campus to see what the insides looked like. The only problem is that you need to swipe an ID card to get in, but ours  only let us into our own buildings. So, we kind of had to follow someone in or sit and wait until someone came that we could follow in. It was amazing how different all the buildings are. I thought my building wasn't too bad, but after looking at these, it makes mine seem like a dump.
The one across the street from me looks like a hotel on the inside, and there are some many rooms that I don't know if I'd be able to get to my room every day without getting lost if I lived there.
We also went to a newly renovated one. It was amazing! Hopefully I'll be able to live there next year. I would hang out in the lounge all day.

And, the last one we went to was where they house the honors college students. My friend and I decided that we need to go around to see all of the buildings now.

The tricky thing was seeing the insides of the rooms. We had to walk all over and onto multiple floors to find some open doors to peek into. I loved it even though I probably should have been doing my homework.
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Friday, November 7, 2014

My First College Soccer Game

On Wednesday night, I went to my first college soccer game at Jeffrey field to see the men play Akron, which is located in Ohio. It was actually their last regular season game. I had wanted to go to another one before, but it was hard finding someone to go with. Finally, I was able to get my friend, who I met rushing, to go with me.
Thank goodness they were able to pull off the win with the score of one to zero. It was zero to zero until the last few minutes when they finally got one in. The whole first half was played on our attacking side of the field, but it was nerve-wracking because Akron had many shots on goal in the second half. I feel like they should have had an easier time beating them since they were the Big Ten champs the past two years. Apparently, they haven't been doing as well lately because the captain got injured, but this was his first game back. They will be in the playoffs though. They are ranked as the 21st best team in the nation behind UCLA in 1st place.
I hear the women's games are much more exciting in terms of a student section, so I am hoping to see one of their playoff games soon. They won the Big Ten conference this year, so they should be pretty good. They are ranked as the fourth best team in the nation behind UCLA in 1st place again. I think it'd be super cool if they played each other in the championship.
Watching the game made me miss playing myself. I'm so glad I finally got to see a game even though I was pretty cold. And, on a side note, I saw snow fall for the first time ever today! I'm definitely hoping it doesn't start sticking to the ground for a while since I don't even have a snow jacket yet. Have a fantastic weekend!
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Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Checking One Item off of the Bucket List

Yesterday was election day, and this year was the first year I was of the age to vote! Before turning eighteen I was not sure if I even wanted to vote. I thought well if I do not really know what I am voting for why would I take the time and effort to make uninformed decisions? Well that changed after taking government in my final semester of high school and women's studies in my first semester of college. These two classes really opened my eyes to my political beliefs.

Earlier in the semester, a representative came at the beginning of my class to hand out voter change of  address forms. Since I filled it out, I was able to vote in Pennsylvania. So, I went to the HUB to make my voice heard. There were only five things to vote on, but I felt accomplished after I fed my ballot through the machine. I can now say that I will be heading to the polls every November 4th from now on. Did you exercise your right to vote yesterday?
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Monday, November 3, 2014

Halloween Night

I must start this post off by apologizing for my absence from the blog for the past three weeks. It killed me knowing I was not posting. Things just got hectic with midterms, and it was already hard enough keeping up before while having to blog for english as well. Hopefully, I will be able to get back on track starting today. I had planned out all the posts, but just never found the time to write them. So, you have my word that I will try my hardest to catch up.
After I finished all my classes on Friday, my Halloween officially began. I went with a girl I met in the FastStart mentor program I am in and some of her friends to a corn maze. We walked downtown to meet the three vans, organized by a church, that were taking us there. We drove half an hour to a pumpkin patch. It was interesting seeing what was just outside of State College. We even passed some farmland quite a bit away that was actually part of the agriculture college.
Once we arrived, we split up into groups to complete the corn maze. We were handed a punch card with twelve different shapes hidden throughout the maze. So, we not only had to find the exit, we had to find all the shapes at the dead ends to win a prize of something such as a gourd. Oh my gosh! It was the hardest maze I had ever been in. We only got seven of the shapes in two hours.
We came out of the corn maze and joined everyone else at the bonfire. There were hot dogs to roast, s'mores to be made, and these thing called moon pies to be grilled. There were also drinks including some much needed hot chocolate in the freezing cold weather. My personal favorite was the s'more I made consisting of two graham crackers, a marshmallow, and a Reese's peanut butter cup instead of a Hershey's bar. I will definitely be making a ton of these next time I go camping.
Once we were full, we went on a hayride throughout the property before heading back to State College. It was definitely a different Halloween than I had ever had before, but I loved all the fall festivities!
Now that Halloween is over, I cannot wait for Thanksgiving! What did you do for halloween this year?
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