Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Out with the Old

This afternoon, I walked into my room after class and all of my roommate's stuff was gone. She had told me just two nights before that her friend's roommate was planning on moving out because their sleeping schedules were so different. She told me that her friend did not want to get a random roommate, so "since she is living with her next year, she was going to move in with her" across the hall.

This was extremely tough to hear since I thought we got along so well. We never had any problems that I knew of, and we would hang out together. Well, my perception of her has greatly changed because she now seems to be avoiding me. As soon as she saw me coming today, she sprinted across the hall.

It is a difficult situation, but the way she is handling it is even harder. Just a text saying she would be moving her stuff out today would have been nice rather than quickly moving everything out in an hour while I was gone. In fact, I noticed that the lights she had given me to hang by my bed were half way down, so I went across the hall and asked her if she wanted me to give them back to her, and she said that I could keep them. Talk about awkward.

So, sometime soon, I will probably get a new roommate assigned to me, which I am super nervous about. Hopefully, this will be for the better though.
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