Friday, October 3, 2014

Dream Job

Last night I went to a meeting for the event planning organization I joined. I learned of the organization from the involvement fair held during welcome week. It was only the second meeting since meetings are only held once a month. At this meeting, the executive board invited a guest speaker.
The speaker was Michelle Davidson. She works at Penn State as the Director of Stewardship and Events in the athletic department. Let's just say I think she has a dream job. She started off by telling us what she does and described some of the events she has planned. She mentioned hosting a box at the football and hockey games for the alumni who donate upwards of $50,000 a year, dinners to connect current athletes with the founders of their scholarships, ground breaking events for various sports, and even a tour around the northwest part of the country with coaches to connect with alumni. She finished off by giving us tips and mentioning that she has internships throughout the school year for three students. I say sign me up! She gets paid to deal with  sports and event planning on a daily basis. I could never even dream up a job like this.
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