Monday, September 22, 2014

My TV Debut

This post is long overdue being that our first home game of the season was over two weeks ago, but better late than never right? I had been looking forward to this day since I can even remember. Growing up going to all the UCLA football games I always wondered what it was like to be in the student section. Well all of my expectations were far surpassed!

Now if you don't already know, football is a big deal at Penn State. I am fortunate enough to have gotten season tickets since they sold out in a matter of minutes. The way seating works is that you scan your ID, and then you are issued a ticket with a specific seat in the order you come in. We got to the gate just 45 minutes before the game, but I got second row seats. Technically, they are first row seats because the people in the first row go down to the railing while everyone in the second row stood on the first of row bleachers. We got extremely lucky because people who got there before us got worse seats. The reason we got the seats is because they just opened up a new register that started issuing seats from the front. We just so happened to be at the right place at the right time being that we were first in line at the newly opened register. I'm pretty sure I will never get seats as close this unless I decide to camp out one game. Since we were so close to the field I got on TV and made it onto the big screen upwards of five times. At one point, the cameraman zoomed in on my face, but it only appeared on the screen for a second because the play started. I loved every second of it!

I enjoy every aspect of the game from singing along to the national anthem, the alma mater, and Sweet Caroline to counting as people get lifted after we score a touchdown to starting the wave and chanting WE ARE... PENN STATE! I've heard we have the number one student section in America and I'd be surprised if any other school tops us. It is amazing to be a part of. The amount of school pride at the games are unbelievable. It is so worth it to stand up for those three hours in the blazing hot sun and wave our pom pons until our wrists hurt.

You bet I will be attending every game whether its torturously hot, raining, or even snowing. I am so grateful to be a part of it and I know one day it will have to come to an end. We are off to a great start being 4-0! That's right we're undefeated! I nervously watched them come from behind against Rutgers the week after as I did my homework in my dorm room, and this past Saturday they killed UMass. I will try to post about that game soon! But for now, root on the Nittany Lions with us!
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  1. I love this post! I think it's because I can re-live my first football games as a student, too. Dad and I root for you Nittany Lions every week! Who knew we'd be doing that!?