Friday, September 12, 2014

Library Open House

Yesterday I attended Penn State's Library Open House. It is meant for new students to learn about how they can utilize the library. I actually had to go as an assignment for my english class, but I'm really glad I was forced to go because I learned so much.
When you walk in, you pick up a map of the library showing the different areas that have booths set up. If you go to all eight and get your paper stamped, you get to be entered in a raffle. In addition, each booth had a separate raffle that you could enter if you completed certain activities. The prizes were all $25 gift cards to places like Amazon, Starbucks, Panera, GAP, etc.
The first area of the library we went to was the Special Collections area. They have different displays set up at different times of the year. So, for this station we drew a question and had to look around at the display to find the answer in order to be entered in the raffle.
Next, we went to the Research Hub. We had to go through a maze this raffle. At certain points there were true/false questions about the library. If you you choose true you go one way and if you choose false you go a different way. As we maneuvered the maze, we were shocked to learn that you are allowed to check out 200 books in one day!
We then went up to the fourth floor to the Life Sciences Library.
After that, we headed back down to the Common Services desk where they explained how to check out books. For this activity, we were led on a tour of the Stacks. It seems impossible to try to find a specific book, but they explained how to us. As part of the tour, I learned that Penn State's first mascot was a mule, and then an african lion before it became the nittany lion.
After our tour, we went to the knowledge commons where they told us about Tech Tutors and rooms you can rent out to work on moving projects and practice presentations.
Next, we walked the red carpet in the Arts & Humanities Library.
After that, we went to the News & Microforms Library where they have old film, magazines, and the like.
Last but not least, we went to the Research Jumpstart section to learn about the online library.
Finally, we collected all our stamps and headed to the finish line. But, on the way over we saw the photo booth with tons of accessories, so had to stop in to pose for a few pics. Anyways, at the finish line, I chose to be entered in the raffle for a $500 bookstore gift card rather than the iPad Mini, Kindle Fire, and other electronic device. I also got a free water bottle and pen. (One of the perks of attending these events is all the free stuff you get.) We could have also gotten a free T-shirt if we had gone to the four other branch libraries including the Architecture & Landscape Architecture Library, the Earth & Mineral Sciences Library, then Engineering Library, and the Physical & Mathematical Sciences Library, which are located at various locations across campus.
I had a great time exploring what the library had to offer.
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  1. I hope they told you that they have wireless in the library when your dorm's wireless goes out. What a beautiful building.

  2. I'm surprised your dad didn't tell you that you should be at softball practice instead of trying to get free stuff from the library. He is right about it being such a beautiful building though.