Monday, September 8, 2014

Monumental Day for PSU

I am crazy busy this week because I am rushing. You have no idea how much time it takes up. I honestly don't even know how I am going to find time to do my homework. So, this post is going to be short and sweet.
If you haven't heard, today is a huge day for Penn State. It was announced that the sanctions from the scandal are officially lifted. This is amazing news because originally they were going to end my senior year. I am so excited that we have the opportunity to play in a bowl game this year! 
So, tonight there was a rally at Old Main to celebrate. Sadly, I had to miss out on all the excitement due to the Open Houses I had to attend for rush. Part way through the rally, everyone ran over to the football stadium, which is all the way across campus. I heard there are news cameras and a ton of police. I even just heard people chanting outside my building just now as I am writing this post. Hopefully, I will find time to keep updating you all. Sorry for such a late post.
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