Monday, September 29, 2014

Holding the Ropes

Last weekend was our second home game against UMass. We beat them 48 to 7! I went early to the game with two girls on my floor. We volunteered for the Blue & White Society to hold the ropes for when the players and Coach Franklin walked into the stadium and high fived their fans. I touched Hackenberg, our quarter back! The Blue Band, cheerleaders, and Lionettes dance team also walked in between the ropes before. When we arrived, we were given a T-shirt to wear and then we were placed way spread out from each other. Because we volunteered, we got to enter the stadium before the gates opened, so we got better seats. This game I was in the fourth row, but I still made it onto the big screen! However, I will probably not be volunteering again because I think it's only worth getting to the game super early if we get first or second row seats, which the students who campout the week before in Nittanyville get. This game, it was definitely not as hot. In fact, I was cold by the end. As a true Penn Stater football fan, I stayed for the whole game even though we killed them. This Saturday we sadly had our first lost to Northwestern, and I stayed the whole time as well. Hopefully we will do better next game!

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