Monday, September 1, 2014

Fresh Start Day of Service

On Saturday morning I walked with a girl on my hall to the HUB to be a part of the Fresh Start Day of Service. There were over 800 students volunteering at 35 different sites. Basically, when you walked in, they randomly assigned you a name tag with the site you would be working at, so my friend and I got split up. I was assigned to the Mt. Nittany Conservatory. They had bagels for us to eat before we boarded a bus to drive on over to the mountain. When we arrived, I was stunned. There was a truck full of shovels, saws, pick axes, and clippers. Our job was to clear the hiking trails. Luckily, I did not get stuck carrying anything up the trail. I didn't really do much other than walk a ton and help move fallen trees out of the way thank goodness. After a few hours, we walked back down and ate some Subway subs.

I'm really glad that I signed up. It was cool to look out at all the overlooks and even get a view of campus. I had heard about Mt. Nittany before, so I enjoyed seeing what all the hype was about. Really the point of the day was to meet new people, which is really why I went. The only downside was that we couldn't watch the first football game agains UFC being played in Dublin, Ireland. After a close fourth quarter, Penn State pulled out our first win!
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