Monday, September 15, 2014

What Homework?

We are just starting to get into the groove of the structure of each of my classes. I found out recently that for English we will be required to have our own blog. Our professor thinks that blogging is a great way to practice writing.
Each week of the semester we will have to post three posts in three different categories. Rhetoric posts are the most academic. In these, we have to apply what we learn in class. Exploration posts are about our experiences of activities in and around State College. And, passion posts are about any topic we are interested in. I chose travel for mine. Anyways, I bring this up because it's so funny that this assignment seems so natural to me. It doesn't even feel like an assignment. In fact, most of what I've written about already has been from The Dorm Diaries's posts. Most of what I write, especially the exploration posts may be redundant with my posts here, but in case you want to check out my english blog, you can find it here. My future passion posts may be more fun to read as I write about my previous vacations.
Just thought I'd pop in real quick in between studying for my first college exam tomorrow.
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