Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Blue & White Bash

Yesterday I went with a girl on my floor to the Blue & White Bash. It is held by the Blue & White society, which we both signed up for. The Blue & White society is the biggest alumni association in the world! They hold meetings every week and are involved in things like THON, Homecoming, and Intramurals.

The Bash had music, food, and activities. We scored on getting two free T-shirts! They had bags of soft pretzels, so needless to say I ate six bags as my dinner along with a bowl of Creamery ice cream. Hey, you gotta take advantage of free stuff right? There was a photo booth, mechanical bull, dunk tank, and blow up slides. I raced my friend up the slide and of course I won! I tend to take competitions very seriously. I enjoyed every minute of it. I will be attending my first meeting tomorrow night where I will hopefully sign up for a committee. 

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