Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Open House: Lisa Vanderpump's Villa Rosa

It's no secret I watch all the Real Housewives franchises. The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills happens to be one of my favorites. They all have gorgeous homes. So, today we will be touring Lisa Vanderpump's downsized home, Villa Rosa located in, yes you guessed it, Beverly Hills. All of Lisa's homes and restaurants are beautifully decorated with her own elegant pink touch.

{Entryway} Outside in the front of Villa Rosa, live two swans. I personally think this is fabulous. Swans are such sophisticated creatures and they fit Lisa's personality marvelously. I love all the mirrors and the texture that that stone entryway table adds. And of course, I always love a baby grand piano! I adore that zebra rug underneath as well.

{Formal Spaces} I am always about white couches. Lisa chose two matching tufted ones sitting across from each other. I like the style of those two black chairs as well. And, those super high ceilings and windows create a dramatic affect. She did a nice job incorporating house plants as well. Her dining room on the other hand has way more of an antique feel. The chandelier above the table is fabulous with its swirls and dripping crystals.

{Casual Spaces} The black cabinetry in the kitchen is a bit unexpected for Lisa, but I think it juxtaposes all the feminine touches quite nicely. I also think that little bar space is great. All the seating just looks so comfy. I love the airiness that the white furniture leaves.

{Master Suite}I find this romantic space to be a little piece of heaven. I love the mirrored furniture and the grand canopy bed. The seating area is a nice luxury with the framed TV that becomes a mirror when it is turned off. It is definitely a must have for the rich! I enjoy the perfume station and double sinks in the bathroom. Lisa's closet is just to die for with the two center island dressers. Ken's is also a dream. I like that is a bit more masculine.

{Bonus Spaces} Every house has got to have at least one fun space. I don't know how, but Lisa even manages to make the pool table classy. The bar is definitely unique. And, they seem to even have their own little art gallery with a nice sitting room.

{Outdoor Spaces} The backyard and terraces are by far my favorite part of the entire house. I love when a space outside is made to look like its inside. All the chandeliers are spot on. The little outdoor sitting area looks like a great spot to hang out for an entire afternoon. And, I am drooling over the style of the outdoor dining room with the great fireplace. I love how Lisa and Ken can have a meal outside on their balconies. And, last but not least, the swing that Ken made Lisa is just adorable!

Aren't you just wishing you could move into the Vanderpump's "downsized" home? What part was your favorite?

*Pictures from Bravo

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