Friday, August 15, 2014

Jackson Hole & Yellowstone {Days 5 and 6}

Day 5 was our last day in Teton Village and Jackson Hole because on Day 6 we drove up to Yellowstone. In case you missed out on all our fun on Days 1 and 2 or Days 3 and 4, simply just click on the links to be filled in.

On Wednesday, the fifth day of our trip, the six girls walked across the street to the Teton Mountain Village Resort to go to the spa. I had a much needed 50 minute massage after our 9 mile hike the day before. We went into the hot tub after our treatments and ordered lunch poolside from the restaurant down below. It took forever and I mean FOREVER for our food to come though.

After the spa, Becca and I used my dad and brother's gondola passes to ride the ski lift. They had gone to the top of the mountain for waffles again while we were at the spa. We went up and back down a total of four times, but we saw two guys who had been going for two hours.

We headed back and got ready for our night safari. The Teton Science School picked us up right from our rental in a great van complete with roof push outs, binoculars, drinks, water bottles, and snacks for all. We drove through and stopped to look at wildlife along the way. They had these scopes that zoomed like crazy so you could really see the animals so far away, up close and personal. We saw a moose, a deer, elk, countless birds and bison, and two beavers. We also drove through Mormon row. And, to top it all off, our guide, Sarah, was so knowledgeable about everything. I would definitely recommend the tour to anyone visiting Jackson.

On Thursday, we waved goodbye to Teton Village, and headed out on the road to Yellowstone. Our first stop was another picnic lunch right by a lake.

We then ventured over to Old Faithful, along with the countless other geysers around it. But, of course my dad made us stop at the visitor's center first. After we patiently waited for Old Faithful to erupt, we were forced to walk a loop to see other geysers. That being said, I feel that once you've seen one geyser you've seen them all. Also, I was not digging the freezing cold weather and sporadic rain.
However, we did have a few animal sightings along the way, including a mama and baby bison.

Luckily, our trek finally came to an end at the Old Faithful Inn. The restaurant had an hour wait, so we opted to dine at the bar. I had my first ever bison burger, and it was not bad at all. It basically tasted like a beef burger, but with a small, little kick to it. It kind of just tasted like a regular burger with spices on top. I actually now prefer a bison burger for something a little different.

Shortly after dinner, we headed to the gift shop. I was loving the table of Huckleberry goods. My souvenirs were all things huckleberry. I got a chocolate bar, lemonade, brownie mix, and muffin mix. My mom also got a jam that I cannot wait to try. My goal of the trip was to take in as much huckleberry as I could before returning home. I'd say I did a pretty darn good job.

After shopping till we dropped, we drove around to various stops to see some more geysers. Yippee! It was so much fun. At one point I just stood with a geyser's steam spraying me to keep warm.

Eventually, we headed on our way to our second rental in West Yellowstone. Before arriving, we made a quick grocery and ice cream stop. Sarah and I split a sundae called The Paintpot, which consisted of vanilla ice cream, hot fudge, whipped cream, and a brownie at the bottom. After our sweet tooth had been taken care of, we called a night.

Stay tuned for days 7, 8, and 9 plus a video of our trip next week! You won't want to miss it. Have a great weekend! I will be recovering from my wisdom teeth removal, while trying to soak up my last weekend at home before I move off to college towards the end of next week. There will be lots of packing and preparations in store for me. Enjoy your last few days of summer!

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