Monday, August 11, 2014

Jackson Hole & Yellowstone {Days 1 and 2}

We got in last night from a nine day trip to Jackson Hole and Yellowstone in good ole Wyoming with my Dad's side of the family. So, basically there were nine of us including my mom, dad, brother, grandmother, aunt, uncle, older cousin, younger cousin, and myself. I will be recapping our trip over the next several posts with a video at the end. So, stay tuned and get excited!

Why Jackson Hole and Yellowstone you ask? Basically it's been my dad's dream to take us there for some reason. He's been talking about it for years. The weird thing is that he has taken me to twelve other countries, but for some strange reason he seemed most excited to take us here. Well I guess that's really beside the point so, let's get on to the good stuff shall we?

Our adventures began on Saturday morning when we flew into Salt Lake City and rented a fifteen passenger van. The huge van was definitely a necessity so all nine of us could ride together in one car and still having room to stow all our luggage. Shortly after hopping into the van we named our van Donavan and that is when our emotional attachment to him grew.

We shoved all of our suitcases into Donavon and then preceded on to make our five hour trek to our rental. However, we had to first stop at In N Out for a late lunch. With our tummies full, and energy recharged, we waved good bye of Utah, pushed on through Idaho, and then finally reached our first destination of Teton Village located at the base of the astounding Grand Tetons in Wyoming. However, just before we go there, we spotted a moose on the side of the road.

We arrived around 9, unpacked, and headed out to a late, but oh so yummy Italian dinner in the village.

The next day on Sunday morning we woke up and and started our vacation by riding a gondola up from Teton Village to the top of a mountain for breakfast.

There was a place called Corbet's Cafe that served waffles. I ordered The Englishman, which was a Belgian waffle folded in half and sandwiched with a tasty lemon curd like filling. It was by far my favorite flavor as I traded a quarter for my mom's strawberry and another quarter for my dad's brown sugar. I followed the waffles down with a warm cup of apple cider.

After breakfast we climbed to the highest point to get a full 360° view of the gorgeous Tetons.

Once we were done snapping our pictures, we descended back down the mountain and decided we ought to drive into the national park.

Our first stop was the Visitor's Center where we saw a movie on the Tetons and stamped a piece of paper to later paste into our National Park passports, which we left behind at home.

We then headed to lunch at a picnic area just north of Jenny Lake. We had stopped by the store earlier to get some fruit, cheese, baguettes, turkey, summer sausage, and chips for a little picnic lunch.

After downing loads of scrumptious food, we hopped back in Donavon to continue our loop around the park. We stopped at a great lookout, a pond covered in lily pads, and Cunningham Cabin. We also drove through the cute town of Jackson on our way back. Just as we were heading home, we spotted our second animal.

This night, was the only night we decided to stay in for dinner, so the moms threw together a salad and heated up some chili to pour over a bed of Fritos.

Before heading to bed, the girls and I watched some of our Sunday night reality shows, played some card games, and called it a night.

I hope you enjoyed reading about Days 1 & 2 of our trip! Come back Wednesday to read about our next days including a hilarious and very memorable event. Stay tuned! You won't want to miss it!

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