Wednesday, July 30, 2014

The Gardens of the Getty Villa

A few weeks ago, my friend Audrey, who I have been BFFs with since preschool, and I decided that we wanted to go to The Getty Villa. Neither of us had ever gone, so we thought we would check it out.

It is located right off of PCH, so we had a beautiful drive. The sun was out and the water was looking extra green. However, from the direction we were coming we could not turn left into the museum, so we had to stress out about making a U-turn on that busy street. But, we made it by the time on our tickets at 1:30. If you didn't already know, you must go online and print out free tickets at a certain time slot to get into the museum.

The first thing we did when we got there was go to the Cafe for lunch. They had great outdoor seating areas. We split a delicious salad with strawberries in it and a Mediterranean pita bread with hummus plate.

After lunch, we headed down the steps of the amphitheater to enter the museum. My dad recommended taking a free tour, but we opted just to walk around ourselves.

I found the architecture of all the buildings to be stunning with lots of columns and ornate ceilings throughout.

The actual museum part of The Getty Villa is rather small, so it did not take long at all to go through. There were many statues and busts along with artifacts like tools, jewels, and vases. That being said there were very few paintings. My favorite piece was the mosaic below.

After browsing through the first and second floor we spent a lot of time in the gardens. I enjoyed the gardens way more than the displays. The Outer Peristyle was breathtaking and definitely the highlight of my trip.

We also wandered outside to the East Garden. I enjoyed the seashells lining the fountain.

I also enjoyed walking through the herb garden admiring all the edible plants.

Just before we left, we came across this statue. It is the only piece that you are able to touch. In fact, you are encouraged too. I found that quite neat.

And of course, you can leave without hitting up the gift shop.

I had such a nice time admiring the architecture, gardens, and ocean views. I definitely recommend stopping by for a short visit.

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