Friday, July 25, 2014

Orientation {Day 2}

Today I am recapping Day 2 of my orientation experience at Penn State. I was feeling good after Day 1, but Day 2 ended up being not as exciting simply because we didn't interact with the other students as much. It was more of a getting down to business type of day.

We had to wake up way earlier than I was used to at this point in the summer. I ended up not even seeing my roommate except for when we bumped into each other as I was setting up my bed shorty after checking in on the first day. I'm guessing she slept in her best friend's room across the hall and then came in before I woke up to get her stuff? It was kind of strange if you ask me, but hey what can you do?

I met my mom for breakfast at Pollock Commons were I had a waffle, some fruit, and some juice. Again, the food was just mediocre. We then headed back to the Alumni Hall at the Hub for another boring presentation, about finances this time.

On this day, we were separated into three large groups stated on our name tags. We took a pretty long walk over to a lecture hall auditorium to learn about the separate colleges and curriculum at the university. Our group then listened to our group leader talk about academic success. Afterwards, we headed to the next room over to see a skit about technology. We then walked to another room to meet with some advisers. This was not helpful to me at all. We sat in a row and they came down the line to each of us. They basically just discussed a survey we had previously taken. People were also able to switch majors at this point if they wanted to.

Afterwards, it was time for lunch. We were given a list of places where our meal points would work. I met up with my mom at the Blue Chip Bistro over by the business building. It seemed like the closest eatery to our next meeting. I sipped on a strawberry banana smoothie and opted for the chicken caesar wrap complete with ruffles and carrot sticks. We chose a table outside in the shade. It was a nice change in scenery because I had not been to this part of campus before.

We then made our way over to the College of Arts and Architecture meeting. All the students were quickly sent off to schedule our classes for first semester. At this point I was with only arch students. And, let me say they were all rather artsy, which is not me at all. But, that's beside the point.

It was rather annoying because many of the classes were full or at conflicting times. All of the freshman english classes were full, so I have to take it in the spring. I also couldn't get any math or spanish classes. Instead, I am taking random gen eds like Introduction to Psychology and The Human Body along with my arch requirements like Basic Studio, Visual Communications, and Art History. I got stuck with one 8 A.M. and classes ending at 5:30 every day. Can't wait! On the flip side I feel like I am interested in all of them, which should make things a bit easier. Once I made all the final decisions for my schedule, I was free to go! And, I survived NSO!

Overall, I feel like the process of NSO was necessary and somewhat exciting even with all my anxiety. It was great to meet people and spend time on campus. I was shocked to see how many similarities I have to many of my fellow Penn Staters.

NSO Student Schedule Day 2:

NSO Parents & Families Schedule Day 2:

After NSO ended, we went to dinner at the Allen Street Grill, which sits on the second story overlooking College Avenue. However, we probably had the worst seat in the house being pushed off in the corner as far away from the windows as possible. I would love to go back another time to get a better table with a worthwhile view of all the bustle. Despite our horrible table, I loved the chilled mixed berry soup, which happened to be a special for the Arts Festival taking place that week. In addition, I had the penne topped with grilled vegetables and grilled chicken. After we finished eating, our waiter was awesome and brought out a tray sampling all of the desserts on the menu.  We opted to split the carrot cake, but the chocolate mousse was also calling my name. This was basically the Last Supper of our trip. The next day we flew home. I can't believe I'll be back in about a month to move in!

P.S. I hope to take more pictures for my next post instead of Googling images. The highly stressful situation at hand prevented me from even thinking about taking pictures. I will do better next time though!


  1. Great blog. Am I the first to comment? I was wondering about those pictures and started to think that you should switch your major to photography.

    1. Haha! Thanks! And, no, you are the second person to comment!